Bus Advertising Singapore A&S Transportation is providing cheap bus advertising on our buses to advertise your businesses, at a lower rate than the local bus provider. Advertise with us today!

Our History

bus advertising singapore

Bus Advertising Singapore

The establishment of our Singapore bus transport service company was founded in 1981. For the past 30 years, we have gained a strong reputation in the industry and have built a fleet of more than 120 bus coaches, still increasing till today. Our vast experience and large fleet size stand as a strong testimony of our reliable services that guarantee your satisfaction.

We catered services for a wide range of industries such as CBD District, Town Areas, Industrial, Contruction, Schools, Student Hostels, Universities, Government Sectors, Tourists, Commercial Offices, Work Places and Shuttle Services, both in Singapore and Malaysia.

With the expansion of our business, we are looking into bus advertising. We are able to provide a much cheaper rate than most advertising companies, offering you the most reasonable rate. Our position in the bus charter industry ensures the maximum exposure of your brand's advertisement.