Bus Advertising Singapore A&S Transportation is providing cheap bus advertising on our buses to advertise your businesses, at a lower rate than the local bus provider. Advertise with us today!

Frequently Ask Questions

Bus Advertising Singapore

Q: Is there a minimum quantity of buses that I must take?

  • No! There is no min quantity.

Q: Can I have my own workshop for installation of ads?

  • Yes! We strongly recommend you to get your external workshop, as the installation is not handled by us. We provide the chartered buses only.

Q: How can I be assured that my buses will not be parked stationary at car parks?

  • We will send you a route schedule with the timings and frequency of our buses. So you know where the buses are at what time. For further assurance, we can generate a GPS report of our buses in real time, only if requested.

Q: Are the private bus service prices negotiable?

  • Yes they are negotiable. Please contact us for more details.

Q: Are there special price packages?

  • There will be special packages if you take more than a certain quality of buses. Please contact the #1 private bus service company for more details.

Q: How long is the bus ad installation?

  • Depends on how many buses, one full wrap bus can take min 1 day.

Q: What is the payment method?

  • Cheque will be preferred. Other methods also accepted.